The difference between men and women’s cleats

Written by Soccer Garage

Just as in any other sport, in soccer there are differences between the men and women’s accessories. The primary example would obviously be the womens soccer jersey. The other, not so obvious one would the cleats. In general they both have cleats at the bottom for all the sudden movements and changes of direction. The differences are in the sizing, color schemes available and the actual biomechanics of the cleats:



In terms of size, womens soccer cleats are smaller and not as wide as men’s. This difference in width is the biggest difference. Some women prefer men’s shoes and in that case they usually choose one and a half sizes smaller. For example, if a female soccer player usually wore size 7 then she would want five and a half in the men’s range.


When it comes to the biomechanics, the difference here is that men place much greater force on the lateral midfoot and forefoot. This is especially true when it comes to the rapid changes of direction. As a result men’s shoes tend to have more stability and support to reduce the chances of any injury.


Soccer cleats already come in various colors, even bright ones, ranging from red to blue. Women’s cleats tend to have other more feminine colors and design schemes. Pink, yellow and purple are some of the more popular colors.