England vs Portugal – a long history

March 15, 2017

England and Portugal go way back. English crusaders were keen to help oust the Moors from Lisbon in 1147, and the mutual trade treaty signed in 1294 became Portugal ‘s first ever alliance with another country. Since then there have been many instances of mutual help. England lent a hand in Portugal ‘s wars against Castile (the 1400s) and the French (the 1800s), and the Portuguese stood up and were…


Obrigado Portugal [Thank you Portugal]

January 15, 2017

Peter Gordon writes up his experience of Euro 2004 from an England fan’s perspective. I’d always wanted to do one mad tournament in my life and Portugal seemed the perfect place to do it. Cheap, nice weather and easily accessible, my 6th football tournament filled all the criteria to get to as many games in as short a time as possible. I started off by attending the LondonEnglandfans/British Council ‘Welcome…


Match Day In Portugal

January 15, 2016

Article written by Holistic soccer Football is football all over the world. But the experience can be quite different depending on what country you are in. Graham Jamieson tells us about his experience of Portuguese football – comparing it with his experiences of match day in the UK. Tickets. Surprisingly, it is quite easy to get tickets – even for the big games like Benfica / Sporting. You go along…