Sports Coaches Now Using Meditation to Help Players

September 9, 2021

As we all know, the power of our brains is something that is still under research. The human brain has so much potential. And new and innovative ideas are being used in the sports industry. Meditation is one of those tools that has been successful. As researchers explore the benefits of meditation, it becomes clear that this can help athletes and players in any game. That’s because so much of…


Fathers, football and mental health

December 5, 2016

Article submitted by For many years, research on children’s development and well-being has focused almost exclusively on what happens between children and their mothers. But some recent research has begun to focus on the importance of ‘quality time’ between fathers and children, and the potential benefits this has for mental health in later life. One study has associated good father-child relationships with an absence of emotional and behavioural difficulties in…