Sports Coaches Now Using Meditation to Help Players

As we all know, the power of our brains is something that is still under research. The human brain has so much potential. And new and innovative ideas are being used in the sports industry. Meditation is one of those tools that has been successful.

As researchers explore the benefits of meditation, it becomes clear that this can help athletes and players in any game. That’s because so much of the challenge is in a player’s mind. When they are worried about their performance, this can cause them to make mistakes on the field.

In her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue states that:

“Connected comprehensively with the spiritual wellspring, this kind of learning can transcend all problems, deficiencies and anxieties.”

Most athletes say that much of their success has to do with believing in themselves. Meditation helps you to win. It helps players relax and let go of their stress, their worries, and their fears about how they will perform.

There are at least a dozen different types of meditation. For players in any game, Mindfulness Meditation works well. This teaches players to be aware of their body. They learn how to give thanks for everything and be mindful of the world around them. Their focus shifts from worrying about the game to being grateful and mindful of how important each moment of life is.

Zhang Xinyue has other quotes from her book:

“Creating abundance empowers you to pursue what you need and desire, thus making you unfearful of the unknown.”