Soccer Match Fixing

It’s hard to trust anything in soccer anymore after all the recent scandals. ┬áJust Google match fixing FIFA and you’ll see it’s rampant. Then if you look at all of USA’s important goals over the last 30 years they all come from some kind of weird play or 1 foot of snow. In fact two of them come from the identical set play: a throw in from just in front of midfield on the left side.

See if you can find the 2 goals I’m talking about that are almost identical.
1) huge goals
2) starting from same set play
3) separated by decades
4) in situations where the US program would have suffered catastrophic repercussions without the goal.

Too much corruption and match fixing for me. I won’t watch much soccer anymore and just tell my players to play to see how much of their potential they can achieve and how good they can get personally because it’s so corrupt.