Simple Drills for Better Soccer Footwork

By Soccer Garage

So you want to be the best soccer player of all time? Maybe you just want to be decent. Maybe you just want to make the team and get adequate playing time. Whatever the case, you’re going to need more than some nice soccer uniforms. The best players spend countless hours on the field working on their fitness.

Cardio obviously needs to be a priority, but don’t stop at just running around the field. Do hill sprints as this will really work your calves and make it much easier to run when you’re on the flat field.

Jump rope too. This has always been a good way to break in new soccer footwear, but it can also help you become a better player too. For even better results, place your feet together like you’re jumping rope and then practice jumping forward, to the side, backward and then to the side in the other direction. Basically, you’re following the path of an invisible square.

Finally, don’t neglect your lats. You read that right. Work your lats to give you upper body strength that can be used to pump your arms faster and push your body forward when you’re running. Your lats can also be used to angle your body when firing a powerful kick.


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