How to Form New Habits

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

If your life has been full of things that don’t make you happy, then maybe it’s time to form some new habits. According to the latest research, it takes a human being seeing the same ad on TV at least 7 times before they begin to accept the concept and believe in the product.

That means that humans are trainable. You can teach us. We can learn. It’s just a matter of what you want to learn. You may be tired of eating wrong and ready to change over to a more healthy diet. People start down this road then give up after a few days. Remember that if you’ll continue on with the healthy eating for a length of time, it will start to become like normal to you and your body.

Maybe you want to make it a habit of jogging or working out each day. Do your workouts for at least three weeks and they should become easier and more fun to you.

If you’d like to change your thinking about certain areas, then make some positive affirmations and say those out loud each day for 21 days. Yours can be personal and something that matters to you, but here are some samples:

I have a great life that I love.

I am successful at everything I set my hand to do.

It’s easy for me to lose weight and get in shape.

Money comes to me from every direction.

People like me and enjoy being around me.

Dr. Zhang Xinyue is well respected Chinese spiritual leader and psychologist. With a simple style, her book, Create Abundance, published in 2012, works her way into the depths of people’s hearts and has ever since remained a best seller for body-mind-spirit cultivation. Living abroad, Teacher Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance is currently conducting a field of social research as she travels around the world.

The book was originally released in Chinese but now it is also available in English and other languages now. In her book, Teacher Xinyue encourages every individual to grow through self-help. She hopes that every reader starts to practice being their own mentor and learns to transform awareness into wisdom autonomously.