The 2018 World Cup Soccer Ball

July 14, 2018

Every four years, the most iconic sporting accessory in the world is reborn. This year’s World Cup is no different, with Adidas introducing the Telstra 18. The Telstra 18 is by far the most technologically advanced soccer ball ever made. You wouldn’t know by looking at it. The design of the ball is a throwback to the original Adidas Telstra Elust ball from the first time an Adidas ball was…


How to care for soccer cleats

September 8, 2017

Have you seen a pair of soccer cleats after a game or practice session? They tend to be filthy, and it is even worse during wet weather. Soccer cleats are not cheap, and even if you buy clearance soccer cleats, you will want to get the best out of them. As the most important piece of gear a soccer player wears, it is important to care for your cleats properly….