The difference between men and women’s cleats

June 20, 2016

Written by Soccer Garage Just as in any other sport, in soccer there are differences between the men and women’s accessories. The primary example would obviously be the womens soccer jersey. The other, not so obvious one would the cleats. In general they both have cleats at the bottom for all the sudden movements and changes of direction. The differences are in the sizing, color schemes available and the actual…


The importance of proper soccer supplies

May 11, 2016

Written by Soccer Garage With any sport, it is important to wear the right gear. Wearing the right gear can mean you perform better and feel better after the game is over. The wrong gear on the other hand can mean higher potential for injury and discomfort. Let’s look at how some of these come into play. The first and most important point is the fabric. Proper soccer t-shirts for…


Look the part with Authentic Quality Replica Jerseys

April 21, 2016

Written by: Soccer Garage Soccer is drama, wear the sport. From the devastating losses to those most crushing of victories, you’ve been present for all of their games. You know the stats of every player on the team, past and present, as well as their best skills. Now is the time to show off that dedication with a high quality replica of their jersey. It’s important to note that a…