Soccer Match Fixing

June 14, 2017

It’s hard to trust anything in soccer anymore after all the recent scandals. ¬†Just Google match fixing FIFA and you’ll see it’s rampant. Then if you look at all of USA’s important goals over the last 30 years they all come from some kind of weird play or 1 foot of snow. In fact two of them come from the identical set play: a throw in from just in front…


Maradona Getting Punched

May 14, 2017

Have you ever seen Messi get punched in the face? I’ve never seen a single foul like this on Messi. Today’s players have it much much easier than the greats from the past. Watch this video below to see how Maradona was fouled in the 80’s. Some of these fouls in the video didn’t even get a yellow card but they would all be red cards today. Maradona was arguably…


Fathers, football and mental health

December 5, 2016

Article submitted by¬† For many years, research on children’s development and well-being has focused almost exclusively on what happens between children and their mothers. But some recent research has begun to focus on the importance of ‘quality time’ between fathers and children, and the potential benefits this has for mental health in later life. One study has associated good father-child relationships with an absence of emotional and behavioural difficulties in…