Soccer: Getting your kids started

May 11, 2017

Written by Soccer Garage Why is soccer the most popular and played sport in the world? Because you need very little in terms of equipment. With just a ball and little space, anyone can play. Here is how to see if your kids are interested in playing the sport. The first thing you need is a ball. The typical soccer ball is not expensive, and you can get soccer balls…


Great Portuguese Players

April 5, 2017

No summary of Portuguese greats can start anywhere other than with Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, undoubtedly the greatest player Portugal has ever produced. From the humble origins of Maputo in his homeland of Mozambique “ The Black Panther” would emerge as one of the World Cup’s most lethal strikers. His success was to combine searing pace with ferocious shooting and an uncanny ability to dribble in and out of the…


England vs Portugal – a long history

March 15, 2017

England and Portugal go way back. English crusaders were keen to help oust the Moors from Lisbon in 1147, and the mutual trade treaty signed in 1294 became Portugal ‘s first ever alliance with another country. Since then there have been many instances of mutual help. England lent a hand in Portugal ‘s wars against Castile (the 1400s) and the French (the 1800s), and the Portuguese stood up and were…


Wayne Rooney in 2004

February 15, 2017

This article was written in 2004 when Wayne Rooney was just starting out. It is interesting to see what this writer thought about him back then and how he has held up. Wayne Rooney has made the headlines as the newest star of English football. But, writes Victoria Shaw, he lacks the glamour required to become an international icon It’s early evening in a quiet Liverpool suburb. Between a boarded-up…


Obrigado Portugal [Thank you Portugal]

January 15, 2017

Peter Gordon writes up his experience of Euro 2004 from an England fan’s perspective. I’d always wanted to do one mad tournament in my life and Portugal seemed the perfect place to do it. Cheap, nice weather and easily accessible, my 6th football tournament filled all the criteria to get to as many games in as short a time as possible. I started off by attending the LondonEnglandfans/British Council ‘Welcome…


Fathers, football and mental health

December 5, 2016

Article submitted by For many years, research on children’s development and well-being has focused almost exclusively on what happens between children and their mothers. But some recent research has begun to focus on the importance of ‘quality time’ between fathers and children, and the potential benefits this has for mental health in later life. One study has associated good father-child relationships with an absence of emotional and behavioural difficulties in…


FA Women’s Cup: Dynamo North London

November 15, 2016

Article written by Online Soccer Champions “So men or women it’s the pinnacle for any footballer,” says Tony André, manager of Dynamo North London, as his side enjoy a cup run. Anjana Gadgil joins them for the ride and explores why the FA Cup is still so important. Filled with nervous energy, the two teams line up in the tunnel and lift their boots so the referee can check their…


Zinedine Zidane: A review from 2002

October 12, 2016

Article written by Golf Clubs Guide No doubt Zinedine Zidane was one of the best players ever to play for France and his legacy is still in the making as coach of Real Madrid. Here is a review of him from 2002 that we found in on an expired soccer website, so we thought we should bring in back to life. France Football magazine has just invented a new super…


Imran Khan – Grassroots Muslim Footballer

September 19, 2016

Article written by Football Predictions “I always thought that people with beards and praying were a bit weird, that they were missing out on something.” So says Imran Khan, goalkeeper for London APSA (Asian People Sports Association), a mostly Muslim football team. “But then I realised I was the one missing out on something. At the time I joined them I was a bit of a jack-the-lad (carefree and irresponsible),…


The difference between men and women’s cleats

June 20, 2016

Written by Soccer Garage Just as in any other sport, in soccer there are differences between the men and women’s accessories. The primary example would obviously be the womens soccer jersey. The other, not so obvious one would the cleats. In general they both have cleats at the bottom for all the sudden movements and changes of direction. The differences are in the sizing, color schemes available and the actual…