How to Form New Habits

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance If your life has been full of things that don’t make you happy, then maybe it’s time to form some new habits. According to the latest research, it takes a human being seeing the same ad on TV at least 7 times before they begin to accept the concept and believe in the product. That means that humans are trainable. You can…

May 11, 2021

Can Unique Brain Frequencies Help Your Soccer Game?

April 22, 2021

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance. The human mind can be highly creative. There are unique wave frequencies in our brains that we really do not understand yet. If we knew all the great things that our brains are capable of, there is no telling what we might accomplish. New research is being done into the Delta, Alpha and Thetawave frequencies. Scientists are just now beginning to understand…


The 2018 World Cup Soccer Ball

July 14, 2018

Every four years, the most iconic sporting accessory in the world is reborn. This year’s World Cup is no different, with Adidas introducing the Telstra 18. The Telstra 18 is by far the most technologically advanced soccer ball ever made. You wouldn’t know by looking at it. The design of the ball is a throwback to the original Adidas Telstra Elust ball from the first time an Adidas ball was…


Jonathan Gonzalez

February 16, 2018

Jonathan Gonzalez could be one of the best soccer players, yet he was caught. These US Soccer employees are hilarious. The last sentence in the quote from the Sports Illustrated article, shown below, says it all. Mystery solved. How do you expect a player that you cut from the last U20 World Cup to trust you to select him in the future? Trust is everything. And there are even conflicting…


Some European Soccer Players will move to MLS for the money

January 31, 2018

Perfect example of foreign soccer agents and clubs using American soccer to make a buck, or a few million bucks. This player isn’t American and isn’t playing for any US national teams so what good does it do for him to be playing in the MLS? Some people don’t care about American soccer, just money and themselves. English agents are using MLS like their personal bank. Read more below… Pep…


Jurgen Klinsmann would’ve taken U.S. to World Cup

January 31, 2018

Funny how, at the end of this video “Jurgen Klinsmann would’ve taken U.S. to World Cup – Geoff Cameron” , the ESPN commentator focuses the problem on the player who wasn’t even involved in the last 2 USA games. What a joke ESPN can be when reporting about soccer sometimes and this shows how they try to silence dissenters. The most experienced international pundit in the video agrees with the…


USA vs Bosnia

January 28, 2018

Watched most of USA vs Bosnia and Herzegovina game tonight. Can US Soccer coaches pick players who can actually play soccer? Bosnia and Herzegovina literally ran circles and passed in triangles around the USA team. US players struggled to just trap the ball at times and our defenders were run ragged by many Bosnian dribbles. In one play a Bosnia player beat 5 USA players just 6 yards out from…


Who’s really in charge of soccer in the USA in 2018?

January 16, 2018

Who’s really in charge of soccer in the USA in 2018? It’s my opinion that a group led by primarily 2nd tier and lower former English soccer players and fans who are now around 60-70 years old are in control of American soccer. In the 1990’s and earlier we had a combination of English, German, and Eastern European soccer leaders in the USA, but now it’s primarily and almost exclusively…


Soccer Match Fixing

January 14, 2018

It’s hard to trust anything in soccer anymore after all the recent scandals.  Just Google match fixing FIFA and you’ll see it’s rampant. Then if you look at all of USA’s important goals over the last 30 years they all come from some kind of weird play or 1 foot of snow. In fact two of them come from the identical set play: a throw in from just in front…


How to care for soccer cleats

September 8, 2017

Have you seen a pair of soccer cleats after a game or practice session? They tend to be filthy, and it is even worse during wet weather. Soccer cleats are not cheap, and even if you buy clearance soccer cleats, you will want to get the best out of them. As the most important piece of gear a soccer player wears, it is important to care for your cleats properly….